Innovate Your Way You Present Your Annual Report!

While most businesses distribute their annual reports by printing and mailing them to shareholders, some companies are providing access to digital versions through other formats like CD-ROMs, USB flash drives, or even interactive PDF versions.

Choose your delivery method based on the preference of your investors. If your shareholders are spending equal time online and offline, you may want to consider having both printed and digital versions.


1. Re-Usability

You can’t reuse a print copy or CD-ROM!

2. Reduce Wastage

Imagine the pile of excess print copies/CD-ROMs in your office!

3. Enhance Corporate Branding & Image

Delight your shareholders when they receive a unique gift from your company! They may appreciate more when they receive a USB rather than a CD-ROM.

4. Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that there’s a cost to dispose of the excess copies?

5. You Will Not Burst Your Budget

The cost of producing USB flash drives is not going to very much higher!

We Offer a Competitive Package for Your Annual Report Production with FREE 100 CUSTOMISED USB FLASH DRIVES* (T&C apply)